Sunday, March 16, 2008

almost pooped my pants 2 days in a row.  I guess you can see why...this is my second dump of the day, look at the volume of poo im dealing with.  Yesterday i ran into a similar situation. I was out driving around looking for spots, after having taken a dump already.  Out of nowhere i begin to feel the burn.  I decided to try and clench it back it, but this was unsuccessful.  Luckily there was a fry's electronics in sight.  I rush to the bathroom, only to find both stalls occupied.  I hold off for a bit and look through some mags, and return to the mens room.  This time there is a little girl, her dad and little brother chillin in front of the stalls.  The dad had the little boy bent over and was wiping his butt in one stall, and the other stall still had a pooer in it.  to top it off, there was a fresh load of vomit in the sink.  Realizing, it was gonna happen here, i took off.  The poo had subsided a bit, so i was feeling ok.  Then all of a sudden, i felt the burn again.  This time it was even worse.  I tried to rationalize pooing my pants, but i decided it was too soon to give up.  Somehow i stumbled upon an indoor soccer field where i finally get to release my rocket.  lucked out again!

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